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This Belt May Outlast You

I purchased one of these belts, in black, so many years ago, I can't remember when. I have worn it everyday since I got it. I use it for conceal carry, work, dress, everything, its the only belt I own. The belt is still in great shape. I have lost count of how many leather wallets I have worn out since owning this belt. I decided I needed a tan belt, and my first and only thought was Armour. Mike and family make the best belt available anywhere in my opinion. If you want a belt that will last a lifetime this is it. Fast friendly service and topnotch craftsmanship. Thanks Mike


Gun Belt

Solid gun belt.

I just ordered a second one in brown. I’ve worn a black 1.5” with a suit since 2019. Excellent quality and handmade in USA. I highly recommend to any law enforcement in plain clothes that might need the stiff draw a regular duty belt would otherwise provide. Uniform guys have said “you got a serious belt,” as I draw faster at range!

This Gun Belt is a Leather-Work-of-Art.

As a firearms/SDA instructor I can be very picky when it comes to items I trust my life to in classes and on a daily basis. I had previously used a local Artisan for all my leather goods, but he recently moved and I was concerned that I would not be able to find the same type of outstanding attention to detail and craftsmanship as I had grown accustomed to. Clearly those worries were unfounded as my Armour Belt is excellent in every way. The leather has excellent rigidity for a smooth draw stroke and easy deployment, there was attention to fine detail in the dying, stitching, and assembly processes. The hardware is classic and sturdy. This is now my EDC belt and I have zero regrets and feel I got more than I paid for as well. Recommend without reservation.

Well, I am a Returning Customer!

I'm sure you saw my name (or will) in the Stingray Inlay Belt's section. I bought Mike's Stingray Inlay Belt for my daily use, but recently found out that all of my dress pants will only fit 1.25" belts (The Stingray one was 1.5"). With formal events to attend (and have attended that I made the 1.5" belt (barely) fit... and dangerously, and dumbly, testing the tensile strength of the threads holding the belt loops), I decided that I need a 1.25" belt, and I came back to Mike for a a sturdy belt I can wear with my dress pants! Nevertheless, Mike's work never disappoints! Despite being a quarter inch smaller than the other one, this belt is still tough, and WILL hold up to whatever weight (firearms, ammo, flashlight, and keys combined) you wear along the belt. Just like the other belt, I had to break it in a bit but here's to another long-lasting belt in my name! If you don't think my review's enough, go through forums and you'll see Mike's name is one of the commonly mentioned. That's where I got my information from, and I'm glad I found Mike's business.

  • Our Gun Belt is Approximately 5/16" thick. 
  • Can be either 1.25-inch-wide or 1.5 inch
  • Several Buckle Options 
  • Completely Customizable 


I cut and assemble each Gun belt to the exact specifications of your order. We offer complete color choices with choice of nylon military-grade thread colors, and quite a few different quality buckle choices. We punch all our oval holes by hand rather than using a standard round punch kit like most other high production companies. This ensures that the belt will be easy to fasten and provide the correct fit for the buckle.

We also do two rows of stitching in our 1.5 inch version and one row in our 1.25 inch version. The Gun Belt comes standard with Chicago screws to hold the buckle in place. These screws can easily be removed to accommodate your own buckle if you would like.

To match the rest of the belts’ strength, and to make sure the Leather has a perfect finish, our leather belts receive not one, but three coats of finish ensuring the highest quality of protection. We top off our handmade leather dress belts with an interior marking of your name and size indicated for easy reference when you decide to add another to your collection.  We are so confident that you will love your new belt. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your belt, please let us know. Click here for buckle options page.

Works well with most Kydex products and C-Clips. This belt is great where thickness is an issue. We are proud to add an option for the Kydex stiffener. These belts are very stout with the added insert, yet please be aware that only a single row of stitching is available with this option.

Our Gun Belt comes in either 1.25 inch or 1.5-inch widths.




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